The Catalog of United States Personalized Postage


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Most images in the design area cannot be cataloged as the images vary according to the personal preference of the stamp creator. There are, however, certain familiar images that were sold by stamp vendors to the public.


To be included in this table an image must be copyrighted and for sale
 to the public for at least one month.

Excluded from this table are convention and corporate images
 created specifically for events or advertising mail. 
These images were not intended to be sold to the public
as a product over a long period of time.


  Number Images           Known Vendors
1 World Wildlife Fund Animals ST
2 On The Run Movie ST
3 NASCAR Drivers, Cars, Numbers ST, EN
4 College Team Logos ST
5 NFL Team Logos ST
6 Anne Geddes ST
7 American Idol ST
8 Wizard of OZ ST
9 Disney Images ZA
10 Famous Lipstick Kiss Impressions ZA
11 NBA Team Logos, Players, Numbers PB
12 MLB Team Logos, Players, Numbers PB
13 Saks Fifth Avenue Shoes ST
14 David Mann - Motorcycle Art PR
15 Selena PR
16 X X
17 X X



The catalog number can be modified as follows:

PR, representing the vendor Premier Postage is modified to:



The superscript number denotes that the image content is David Mann Motorcycle Art Images for Premier Postage stamp.