The Catalog of United States Personalized Postage






Tagging as used on Endica stamps

Endicia initially provided a tagging bar that was located entirely within the stamp dimensions.

As production techniques were changed, sheets of 20 stamps were divided into two separable panes of 10 stamps.  The method of applying tagging was updated to reflect current needs.


In the updated method, tagging was applied in bands passing across five stamps at the perforated edge of the stamp. The width of the applied tagging band was wide enough to allow for normal die cutting shift or tagging mat shift. This method resulted in tagging bars that covered the stamp perforations. Since some shifting in the die cutting or tagging mat occured, the the bands at opposite ends appear to vary in thickness.

While the bands vary in thickness the distance between the bands remains measurably constant.


For the purpose of this catalog, the distance between the bands will be used as an indication of tagging changes.