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On Sale August 7, 2006 - November 13, 2006


These stamps were printed by Endicia for Xpress It Postage.
The image content was selected from a group of licensed available images.
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These stamps can only be identified by their images

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These stamps were not offered with Portrait orientation

Only two rates were available


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 $0.39 Rate  1-8-2006 (B)

Type 3EN1B



EN1B1b shown




Type 3EN1B5


 Overall size of 63 x 39.5 mm

 B rate

Landscape Orientation
Serpentine die cut 10.5

Multiple color selections 
Image design area: 38 x 30 mm

Tagging bars 6+/- mm across stamp at left and right

Distance between tagging bars 51 mm

-1* See NASCAR Table for catalog image designation

3EN1B5a-1*        $0.24
3EN1B5b-1          $0.39