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These stamps were produced by the second company approved by the USPS
to offer stamps that used images provided by the public.
The image content was regulated.

Text background and lettering were limited by software.
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 $0.41 Rate  5-14-2007 (C)

Type EN5C



EN5C1b shown




Type EN5C1


 Overall size of 61.5 x 38.5 mm

 C rate

Portrait Orientation
Serpentine die cut 10.3

Multiple color selections 
Image design area: 30 x 38 mm

Overall tagging

-1* See Color Table for catalog color designations

EN5C1a-1*        $0.26
EN5C1b-1          $0.41
EN5C1c-1          $0.58
EN5C1d-1          $0.58