The Catalog of United States Personalized Postage


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Select NFL Team from Team Column
Select Design Number & Letter from Columns on that Row

A partial classification is acceptable.
The number without the letter will designate the NFL Team.


To add a denomination color after the "A" designation see Color Table


The NFL team is St. Louis Rams
The team number is -29
The stamp has an image of  the team logo
The partial catalog number extension is -29B


The NFL team is Jacksonville Jaguars
The team number is -15
The stamp has an image in a frame with the team identified
Frame designation is -15A

The denomination color is red
The full catalog number extension from the color table is -15A8



If you are can not identify a NFL team, visit the site




Arizona Cardinals 1 A B C
Atlanta Falcons 2 A B C
Baltimore Ravens 3 A B C
Buffalo Bills 4 A B C
Carolina Panthers 5 A B C
Chicago Bears 6 A B C
Cincinnati Bengals 7 A B C
Cleveland Browns 8 A B C
Dallas Cowboys 9 A B C
Denver Broncos 10 A B C
Detroit Lions 11 A B C
Green Bay Packers 12 A B C
Houston Texans 13 A B C
Indianapolis Colts 14 A B C
Jacksonville Jaguars 15 A B C
Kansas City Chiefs 16 A B C
Miami Dolphins 17 A B C
Minnesota Vikings 18 A B C
New England Patriots 19 A B C
New Orleans Saints 20 A B C
New York Giants 21 A B C
New York Jets 22 A B C
Oakland Raiders 23 A B C
Philadelphia Eagles 24 A B C
Pittsburgh Steelers 25 A B C
San Diego Chargers 26 A B C
San Francisco 49ers 27 A B C
Seattle Seahawks 28 A B C
St. Louis Rams 29 A B C
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30 A B C
Tennessee Titans 31 A B C
Washington Redskins 32 A B C