The Catalog of United States Personalized Postage


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            Type 7    ST7D1b-1FL



$0.42 Rate  5-12-2008 (D)


ST7D1b-?         $0.42



The American Idol Collection  -  All Catalog Numbers Are Red


This collection consists of licensed images of American Idol Winners.
The selection of a State was the only choices allowed.
 -? Find the image variations as specified in the Idol Table






 Sold only in the $0.42 denomination.





Landscape Orientation with an Overall size of 48 x 34 mm.
Linear die cut, Square corners, with a perforated 5 on right side.
Bright Yellow vertical block tagging 15.5 x 32 mm located around denomination and data matrix. Denomination box and data matrix left untagged.

Tip: Serial number below denomination box extends beyond box at left side.
Stamp number is last two digits of serial number.