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            Type 8      ST8D1b-4



$0.42 Rate  5-12-2008 (D)


ST8D1b-         $0.42



The Wizard of OZ Collection   -  All Catalog Numbers Are Red


This collection consists of licensed images relating to The Wizard of Oz.
The sheet was sold in one format and denomination

Find the image variations as specified in the OZ Table





 Sold only in the $0.42 denomination.






Landscape Orientation with an Overall size of 48 x 34 mm.
Linear die cut, Square corners, with a perforated 5 on right side.
Bright Yellow vertical block tagging 15.5 x 32 mm located around denomination and data matrix. Denomination box and data matrix left untagged.

Tip: Serial number below denomination box extends beyond box at left side.