December 7th 1941, was the day of Pearl Harbor, the day that plunged America into WW II. Dan Rather was just 10 years old on this day. Just like many other young men, Dan Rather watched as his father enlisted into the military. It was a time of war but also a time of slogans. Companies needed to find a way to promote their products and business and still remain supportive to the war and the soldiers.

World War II slogans are a popular collecting area. While looking through my WW II collection I realized that within the collection were several different categories that could be collected. A person could collect the rationing slogans, conservation slogans, award slogans and bond slogans. One area that interested me was slogans that promoted a company as well as support for the war and patriotism. Is must have been difficult balancing act to promote your company and product during a time of war. Below are some that do just that.

Rick Rettig

3M Products, Saint Paul Minnesota

AC Spark Plugs
AC Spark Plugs, Flint Michigan

Curtiss Wright Propellers
Curtiss Wright Propellers, Bloomfield New Jersey

Grinnell Sprinkelers
Grinnell Sprinkelers, Minneapolis Minnesota

Jessop Steel
Jessop Steel, Washington Pennsylvania

J&L Pipe
J&L Pipe, Dayton Ohio

J&L Steel
J&L Steel, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Parker Kalon
Parker Kalon, New York

Paontiac Motor
Pontiac Motor, Pontiac Michigan

R&R, Springfield Illinois

Sperry, Great Neck NY

Timken Bearings
Timken Bearings, Canton Ohio

Westinghouse, Pittsburgh

Wolverine Tube
Wolverine Tube, Detroit Michigan