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PC Postage - UnDated

Some examples of PC meter postage are printed using a (usually) small dedicated printer that is supplied by the vendor as part of the package.  Accounting of postage used is accomplished with a PC program that is linked to the Vendor via the internet.  The indicia is not dated and, like Postage Stamps, the stamp may be used at a later date.  However, undated prepaid metered envelopes have a long history. 

Information from the United States Postage Meter Stamp Catalog, Update 2001 and Updates published in the Meter Stamp Society Quarterly Bulletin.


Undated Imprint from U700 Pitney Bowes Meter

Undated Imprint from Hasler Meter on Postcard

Undated Meter for SASE

It has been possible for a mailer to preprint an envelope with a meter to prepare an SASE (Self Address Stamped Envelop).  The recipient of such an envelope could use the prepaid postage at any date in the future.  Often the meter is not dated but dated examples are well know.  Here are two very recent examples of this use, one return envelope and one return post card.

Stamps.com NetStamp

Stamps.com NetStamp

The NetStamp became available in 2002.  The indicia is printed on pre-printed sheets or coils, usually from a special printer (although the sheets are printed from a normal PC printer).  A wide variety of commemorative printing papers have been provided since introduction.  The indicia is printed in several formats with or without a statement for the class of mail and with or without the zip code.


Endicia Instapostage Dymo

Note: At Right printed on an Avery label rather than the correct security paper

Endicia Instapostage

Endicia began using the Dymo printer in 2006. The indicia is printed on a coil of special self-adhesive papers.  Some versions of the Dymo printer also print an address label.

The Dymo printer gives the system some independence from the computer as it can function while disconnected.  However, refilling the meter with postage requires the computer.

PB Stamp Expressions Beta Test


PB Stamp Expressions Production


Note: Barcode can be placed on either side of image.

PB Stamp Expressions

Pitney Bowes ran a Beta test in early 2006, ending 8 May 2006 using a special printer. This item dated 9 May 2006 is a late usage of the Beta test. Available commercially 12 June 2006. The user may select images from a large stock or provide artwork or a photograph. Printing is black and white only.

The pup (personal utility printer) printer apparently may be used independent of the computer once the images and postage have been loaded.  Refilling the pup with postage required reconnection with the computer.

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