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Endicia stamps are available in two different orientations - landscape and portrait, with one size for each orientation. The catalog pages are arranged by orientation, printing variety and tagging variations.

Stamps created by Endica exist in three different products:

PictureItPostage stamps are the basic stamp offered by Endicia. They are identified by the words "" in the colored frame surrounding the denomination and control number.

myartstamps are are identified by the addition of "" to the basic PictureItPostage stamp at the bottom of the design area.


Xpress It Postage
Xpress It Postage stamps can only be identified by their design images.
 The catalog information can be accessed from the vendor list

 or from links under applicable Endicia types.


For Xpress It Postage the basic catalog number is modified by  the addition
of a superscript number preceding the the stamp vendor letters.

For Xpress It Postage the modification looks like 3EN

Each major printing variety is determined by the addition, deletion or change of location of information printed outside the design area. No consideration is given to the design area content. The denomination background color is cataloged as a subset of the basic type by using the Color Table


The catalog number is constructed as follows:

The first two letters, EN, represent the manufacturer ENdicia

The next number determines orientation and product:



  Number Name            Orientation Dimension
1 PictureItPostage Landscape 63 x 39.5 mm
2 PictureItPostage Portrait 39.5 x 63 mm
3 myartstamps Portrait 39.5 x 63 mm
4 Coil PictureItPostage Landscape 61.5 x 38.5 mm
5 Coil PictueItPostage Portrait 38.5 x 61.5 mm
 3EN1 Xpress It Postage Landscape 63 x 39.5 mm


The next capital letter represents the rate period:


A - 37 Cent Rate
B - 39 Cent Rate

 C - 41 Cent Rate
D - 42 Cent Rate

E - 44 Cent Rate


Refer to Rate Table for additional information


The next number is for the design change for that rate period
Changes in the stamp tagging will create a new design

The next small letter represents denomination variations from Rate Table

a - Post Card   

b - 1 oz Letter

The number following the - is from the Color Table 


Deconstructing the catalog number  EN3C1b-2


EN - ENdicia                                                  
  3  - myartstamps, Portrait Orientation

 C - 41 Cent Rate Period                          

1 -  First design for C rate period        

 b - Stamp denomination is 41 cents  

2 - Stamp has a grey background -2