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Zazzle stamps are available in two different orientations - landscape and portrait with three different sizes for each orientation. The catalog pages are arranged by size, orientation and printing variety and tagging variations.

Each major printing variety is determined by the addition, deletion or change of location of information printed outside the design area. No consideration is given to the design area content nor to the frame color which is controlled by Zazzle.


In addition certain images such as Disney images have copyright information added outside the design area.  This does not create a new design as the information is not constant but is dependent upon the design selected. 


The catalog number is constructed as follows:

The first two letters, ZA, represent the manufacturer ZAzzle

The next number determines the size and orientation:



  Number Size            Orientation Dimension
1 Large Landscape 64 x 39 mm
2 Large Portrait 39 x 64 mm
3 Medium Landscape 53 x 32 mm
4 Medium Portrait 32 x 53 mm
5 Small Landscape 45 x 32 mm
6 Small Portrait 32 x 45 mm


The next capital letter represents the rate period:


A - 37 Cent Rate
B - 39 Cent Rate

C - 41 Cent Rate
D - 42 Cent Rate

E - 44 Cent Rate


Refer to Rate Table for additional information


The next number is for the design change for that rate period
Note that a new year date will create a new design

The next small letter represents denomination variations from Rate Table

a - Post Card   

b - 1 oz Letter

The number following the - is from the Variation Table which includes Tagging


Deconstructing the catalog number  ZA 4C2b-2


ZA - ZAzzle                                                  
  4  - Medium Size, Portrait Orientation

 C - 41 Cent Rate Period                         

 2 -  Second design for C rate period

 b - Stamp denomination is 41 cents  

2 - Stamp has overall tagging