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The catalog numbers in this catalog are not a statement that a particular variety exists. What the numbering system does is to allow a collector to assign a catalog number to a stamp that he may own or wants to acquire. The catalog number is, in effect, a shorthand notation that allows collectors to communicate with each other using an accurate, established system. The system is also designed to allow for a catalog number to be created for new discoveries and types.


The author has seen or owns at least one example of each type. He has tried to provide the numbering sequence for all rates and variations which he believes may exist.


Since many stamps were issued in panes of 10 or 20, the existence of a single stamp can verify the existence of a type. Proofs, voids and samples were never intended to be mailed will not create an new type.


It is important to remember that  these stamps are new products and are in Annual Trial Periods. Due to small sales volumes and production changes,  many examples exist in very low quantities.


As a standard in this catalog
All Catalog Numbers Are Listed In Red


How the catalog numbers are constructed


Catalog numbers are assigned for each change in the printing of the basic stamp design.  The content of the design area where a picture is placed on the stamp is not considered when assigning a new printing type. After the printing type is assigned the tagging variations are delineated.  


The numbering system for this catalog assigns varying values to a sequence consisting of letters, numbers, letters, numbers --- letters , numbers, etc.
The values are obtained from selected property tables used for each variety.

The full or partial sequence constitutes the catalog number.


Image Content


The images in the design area cannot be cataloged as the images vary according to the personal preference of the stamp creator. There are, however, certain familiar images that were licensed and sold by stamp vendors and were for sale to the public for extended periods of time. Examples of such pictures are sport and college team logos, Disney, shows, and other familiar pictures. These images are referenced and linked under each printing type. A a superscript  number preceding the vendor letter refers to designs in the Image Table



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